General Reviews About Coven of 13

Brandi - Ocean County, N
Just stopping by to say that you guys are awesome.  I love how you keep up with your friends and stay in contact.

Jiyeon - Boston, MA
I love your name! It would be so cool if your group played at the Forest Hills Chapel at the Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain for Halloween.  Check out Forest Hills Educational Trust.

Jeffrey - Dallas, TX
I really can't categorize Coven of 13.  The closest I could describe them is a dark rock version of the Adams Family meets the Munster's

Mary - Fairhaven, MA
I've listened to your stuff, you are going to make it..  I like you, you're VERY original, so refreshing from the cookie cutter bands out thereā€¦.hoping to catch you live sometimeā€¦

Paulie - Lowell, MA
...Though I may be a tough critic of Coven of 13, it's only because' I believe you guys got what it takes to go above & beyond the local scene....  Much Respect & Stay Cool!!!

Brad D.
OK. Metal involves diverse talents.  It brings something new to the table without being derivative of what already is the genre of Metal.  I like mixed breed-music, and I can see you have that vision because you are more of a musician in a pure sense.  Pure translates into refusal to have boundaries, just ability to play anything pleasing to the ear.

Sol - NYC
Hey, just wanted to say that you guys sound awesome.  A friend of mine told me to check you out. I'm a huge fan of Fear Of God, Type O -, Sisters Of Mercy, Black Sabbath.  And I hear elements of all these bands in your sound.  What a darkly pleasant change from the majority of today's music scene.  We don't have any bands like Coven of 13 here in New York, unfortunately. Anyway, Keep It Rockin' and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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