08.25.2007 - Coven of 13 will be returning on 10.25.2007 to Pollute the FM Airwaves with it's favorite radio show THE UNDERWORLD on station WSCA 106.1 FM out of Portsmouth, NH. Mike and Kaley host a most sadistically satirical metal muse with The Coven Mates as we spin our NEW tunes! Be sure to visit the show's web site, listen live and request and call in for Coven of 13.

08.10.2007 - Coven of 13 spent the weekend at the studio. Gratitude goes out to Sleepy Pine Studios located in South Dennis, MA. Calmly putting up with Crazy Chaotic Coven antics shows tremendous character….but we are sure he had more laughs than expected. Stay tuned for the mastered new tracks and when CD's are available.

07.29.2007 - We would like to thank everyone who came out to see us last night at the Compound, in Fitchburg, MA! Wow, what a show! The house PA had fried out but thanks to Unknown Transitions the show went on for they hooked everyone up with theirs!  We are sorry we didn't play the 3rd encore. The club was giving us dirty looks.

Everyone there was so awesome! Once again thank you all!

05.11.2007 - Coven of 13 and it's logo consisting of the words Coven of 13 with the O forming a pentagram is as of May 8th 2007 an officially registered trademark issued by the United States Patent  and Trademark Office.

04.15.2007 - Coven of 13 shares an intense 6-page write up in VAULT MAGAZINE with featured artist Sarah Jezebel Deva from Angtoria. Randy, the Metal God Editor and vocalist for Briar Rose creates utter chaotic metal manipulative prose and pictures. To purchase a copy visit

02.09.2007 - Coven of 13 now has an official photographer/videographer Ms Jessica Dyscrasia.  Look for some awesome material soon from the talented addition to the Coven family.

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