Stephanie S's Biography

Question---"So...Where are you from?" Music has always been a big influence in Stephanie's life. She has dabbled in piano, chorus, drums, random percussion, and her favorite---mallets. Above all else she considers herself just a big fan of the music scene, "there's nothing like rockin' out at a show, and then getting to actually shoot the breeze with the band afterwards and give your opinion."

Steph first attempted to break out into the scene as a professionaltambourinist, but there just hasn't been that high of a demand for a blonde chick and her tambourine since that one girl in the "Bangles." Fortunately she's been able to fall back on vocals and is having the most incredible time with it as well as finally getting the chance to write lyrics. Stephanie's influences run on a broad range of the alternative music scene out there, but some of her favorite bands are Vandetta Red, The Start, Slipknot, Alkaline Trio and most of all Finch.

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