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Coven of 13 is a pagan oriented, five-piece band that fits nicely into the Gothenburgh style.  Translate that as a Metal, Alternative band with a Deep Dark Edge including, flavors of Goth, Metalcore, Hardcore, Industrial and Melodic Metal based out of Metropolitan Boston.

Coven of 13 writes music that is dark, heavy, all-encompassing, smothering, luscious.  It's members come from diverse backgrounds ranging from Jazz, Celtic, Funk, Punk, Pop, Classical, Hardcore, Opera, Speed Metal, Death Metal and Folk.  The band creates their own unique sound while not going so far off that no one knows what they are doing. Of course there is that dark side which always seems to show its frowning face.

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Vampire Freaks

The Viking Prayer (from The 13th Warrior)

Lo, there do I see my father
Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning
Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take place among them
In the Halls of Valhalla where the brave may live forever...

In Danish thanks to Redrayne

Se! Der ser jeg min fader
Se! Der ser jeg min moder og mine soestre og mine broedrer
Se! Der ser jeg en raekke af mine mennesker slaegtninge tilbage til begyndelsen
Se! De kalder paa mig, de beder mig tage min plads imellem dem
i Valhalla, hvor de modige tapre maa leve i evighed.

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