Cami's Biography

Cami, who resides in Salem, MA, uses her natural abilities with the keyboards and vocals to add the missing piece that Coven of 13 has been seeking since it's inception.  Besides her previous band experience Cami has also worked with many solo artists.  Her creative side sparks her to write her own material which she has incorporated into the Coven.  Aside from vocals and keyboard, multitalented Cami also plays the guitar and bass.  Off hours, Cami likes to jump on bubble wrap and she enjoys going on random adventures with her boyfriend, Nick.  Cami's motto is "I tend to throw myself into situations I've never been in while convincing myself I can do it if I say I can....And it always seems to work."

Influences:  Amy Lee of Evanescence, her sister and Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil to name a few.

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