09.25.2009 - In our continuing effort to keep out music prices as low as possible Coven of 13 has partnered with Ticketmaster.

09.19.2009 - Coven of 13 is now affiliated with is a streaming, free adult radio.

04.01.2009 - Coven of 13 was interviewed and selected to be featured in the fourth Carnifex Metal release, “Metal Queens – Volume I Number IV”.  Stay tuned for the official release date.  more...

08.25.2007 - Coven of 13 will be returning on 10.25.2007 to Pollute the FM Airwaves with it's favorite radio show THE UNDERWORLD on station WSCA 106.1 FM out of Portsmouth, NH.  more...

Site Updates

08.30.2009 - Coven of 13 added the "Featured Friend" app to our homepage.

08.28.2009 - Coven of 13 redone the sites layout.  We hope you like it.

01.25.2009 - We added a blog site where Coven of 13's band members can talk about their favorite subjects.

01.22.2009 - Coven of 13 added a section on the music business geared toward professnal music industry people.

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